Steak Club

We work closely with Australian farmers to bring you quality beef derived from rich pastures so you can be rest assured your beef is traceable, Australian and flavoursome.

With so much choice, there's a beef cut to satisfy every taste and occasion. Here's a guide to the selection of cuts we offer. 

Eye fillet

eye fillet

Other names: Tenderloin and fillet

Description: Eye fillet is a muscle that does virtually nothing making this cut of beef the most tender cut of all. Best served rare/medium rare or how ever you prefer it.

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Scotch fillet

scotch fillet


Other names: Rib eye, rib fillet and cuberoll

Description: Scotch fillet is regarded as one of Australia's most flavoursome cuts due to the middle stem of fat and marbling that creates a juicy tenderness that melts in your mouth. 

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Other names: Sirloin, Striploin, New York steak. 

Description: Don't be fooled by the lack of marbling. The sirloin is the steak lovers choice in our opinion. This cut is incredibly lean yet tender, with a strip of fat lining the edge to give it that extra rich taste. Its very difficult to ruin this one, so cook it to your liking.

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Rump steak is all in the name and is the most versatile cut. It can be slow cooked in curries or stews, pan fried or roasted and still have the perfect taste.

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O.P Rib

op rib


Other names: Rib eye on the bone, standing roast. 

Description: O.P means over prepared. O.P rib is the rib fillet attached to the bone, giving you the best of both worlds. You get the juiciness of the rib fillet and flavour from the bone. 

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