Everything You Need to Know about Dry-Aging

Preparing amazing-tasting meat is best done through a process known as dry-aging, which can be best achieved at home with the use of dry-aging bags.

This procedure is especially good for beef - but it can be applied to any meat you choose.

In this article, we are going to answer everything you’ve always wanted to know about dry-aging bags and the entire dry-aging process. Lets get into it.

dry aged beef

What Is Dry-Aging?

So first of all, let’s look into what dry-aging actually is. The process of dry-aging is a way of extracting more depth of flavour and providing an improved texture for your meat.

With dry-aging, what is happening is that the meat in question is being exposed to a carefully-controlled environment, one which has just the right humidity and temperature for the meat to hang in. Dry-aging bags help with this in particular.

At the end of the dry-aging process, the meat is more tender and tastier, and it’s ready to be cut into steaks, or any other cut you might prefer.

You will generally find the taste is fuller and deeper - more like how it would taste at a steakhouse.

dry aged steak

Do Dry-Aging Bags Really Work?

Given that dry-aging is apparently done in a temperature-controlled environment like a butcher’s, how do dry-aging bags help the process along?

The truth is that dry-aging bags were developed and designed with that very problem in mind, and they are a way to make dry-aging a lot easier for the average person in their own home.

If you want to dry-age something, a dry-aging bag is going to work wonders for you. They allow you to dry-age any meat at home, without needing to have access to a particular, temperature-controlled environment.

Using dry-aging bags is going to produce meat that is a lot better and tastier than merely keeping the beef in your fridge, so for that purpose they are definitely worth looking into.

What Meat Can You Dry-Age In A Bag?

The most common kind of meat for dry-aging is beef, and this is the best meat for using dry-aging bags. Other meats like pork and chicken just don’t take quite as well to the dry-aging process, whereas beef is just right for it.

It is technically possible to dry-age any meat, but you are going to achieve the best results with beef every time.

dry aging beef

This is due to the fact that other meats will often dry out too much, or don’t require this kind of curing at all.

Beef tends only to improve with age, which is why your local steakhouse will always make a big deal about how long their steaks have been aged for.

What’s The Step-By-Step Process For Dry-Aging Beef In A Bag?

Here are the steps for dry-aging beef in a bag:

  1. Transfer the meat from its packaging to the dry-aging bag. Aim for a clean transfer, without touching the meat at all.
  2. Once the meat is in the bag, seal it up. Some brands provide a vacuum-seal, and some do not, so you will just need to follow the instructions on the packet.
  3. Then you need to rack it up - which in a home setting, just means putting it in your fridge. Dry-aging in a fridge that is opened regularly is ideal, as it keeps the air flowing around it. Give the meat its own shelf to help the air flow.
  4. Leave it for the right amount of time (see below).
  5. Trim the meat and slice it into steaks, or your preferred cut.

How Long Should I Age For?

As you saw above, once the dry-aging bag with the meat in it is put into the refrigerator, you then need to leave it for a sustained period of time.

But how long should you leave it for? This does actually depend on what you are aiming for, how much patience you have, and how much time you have before you want to use the steak.

However, an industry standard in steakhouses is 28 days, so that’s something to aim for. At the very least, make sure you age it for 21 days.

What Are The Benefits Of Dry-Aging Meat?

There are many great reasons to dry-age meat in a bag. But the main one is that you are going to end up with meat which is juicier, more tender, and has so much more flavour to it.

In truth, what you really get from dry-aged meat is a real flavour bomb: a steak that has that extra special something.

As well as that, you have the enjoyment of being able to prepare amazing meat in your own home.

Are Dry-Aging Bags Ethical To Use?

You might be wondering about the ethics of using dry-aging bags. The good news is that you can re-use these bags many times, meaning that you are not going to have to be wasteful and buy new ones every time you want to dry-age something.

The real question now is, do you think dry-aging is for you? If your keen to try it out for yourself, then all you need to do is grab some dry age bags, order online from our selection premium quality beef cuts (or contact us for advice) and get drying!